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Top 50 Possible PhD Viva Questions

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Defending a doctoral thesis and facing viva questions is a very critical part of every research scholar. After the submission of your thesis, you will be asked to defend your research work in the “final viva voce “.

Defending your master’s thesis in front of domain experts, co-scholars, and students is quite an interesting experience. The difficult part of the viva for every researcher is facing unexpected questions.

In this article, ilovephd provides 38 possible PhD viva questions frequently asked during the thesis viva.

Thesis Defense Viva Questions

  1. What is the main contribution of your work?
  2. What are the key research questions you addressed in your dissertation?
  3. How did you design your study?
  4. What data and methods did you use?
  5. What were your main findings and how do they relate to your hypothesis?
  6. What implications does your work have for other researchers or practitioners in the field?
  7. What suggestions do you have for further research?
  8. Why did you choose this particular topic?
  9. What motivated you during the course of the project?
  10. How did you overcome any challenges that emerged throughout the project?
  11. What new knowledge, insights, or understanding has your research provided?
  12. How do you think your work adds value to the field?
  13. What are the limitations of your work?
  14. How do your results fit into the current body of research on the subject?
  15. If you had more resources, what would you have done differently?
  16. Why did you choose the particular methods you used?
  17. How did you ensure accuracy and validity in your research?
  18. Could your research be applied in other contexts?
  19. What would you do differently if you had to start the project again?
  20. What ethical considerations did you take into account when designing your study?
  21. How have your results been disseminated?
  22. Are there any unexpected results from your analysis, and why do you think they occurred?
  23. Do you have any plans to extend or replicate your research?
  24. What techniques did you use to analyze your data?
  25. How did you ensure the reliability and validity of your findings?
  26. What lessons can be drawn from your research?
  27. How did you address any methodological weaknesses in your study?
  28. Is there a possibility that future research may contradict your findings?
  29. How transferable are your findings?
  30. What implications do your results have for policymakers?
  31. What recommendations would you make based on your research?
  32. How did you maintain the rigor and integrity of your project?
  33. What areas remain unexplored in your field?
  34. Do you think further research is needed in your area of study?
  35. How valid do you think your results are?
  36. Would you have done anything differently if you had more time?
  37. How did you make sure you accurately represented the data collected?
  38. How did you ensure the research question was answered?
  39. Are there any possible implications of your research that you don’t endorse?
  40. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of your research?
  41. What implications do your findings have for the wider community?
  42. What have you learnt from your research that could be useful for others?
  43. How well do your findings match with the literature in the field?
  44. Are there any implications of your research that you haven’t discussed?
  45. Are there any unresolved issues that require further research?
  46. What can you conclude based on your research?
  47. Is there any evidence that contradicts your findings?
  48. What would you have done differently if you had more resources?
  49. How applicable are your findings to other contexts?
  50. How did you ensure that the research was conducted responsibly?

These are all the 38 Common desertation viva questions you can prepare to answer during the defence.

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