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PCGamingWiki:Code of conduct

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All rules below apply to the Wiki, Discord and Forum.

Good faith

PCGamingWiki follows the principle of assuming good faith which is fundamental to the collaborative nature of this wiki. PCGamingWiki assumes that users editing here are acting in good faith and are not deliberately trying to hurt PCGamingWiki, even when their actions are harmful. Our aim is to guide users who make honest mistakes to become valuable long-term contributors to PCGamingWiki, and to give second chances wherever possible.

This guideline does not require that PCGamingWiki's Staff continue to assume good faith in the presence of obvious evidence to the contrary (e.g. vandalism). Therefore, this guide is divided mainly between Vandalism and Behavior.

Reporting bad conduct

If there is an issue or argument about the contents of an article, users are expected to make use of the Moderation noticeboard. This will be addressed by a member of the Moderation team. A judgement will be reached after consensus between at least two Moderators.

It is possible that users and articles in the dispute should be notified:

  • Link to the offending diffs, reasoning and evidence.
  • Preferably specific rules should be mentioned.
  • Mentioned users should be liked to the thread on the moderation noticeboard in their Discussion pages.


Please report any of the following offenses on the Moderation noticeboard:

Offense Notes
Vandalism Vandalism is deliberately intending to obstruct or defeat the project's purpose. An example of this would be a user defacing an article, and not just incorrectly following the editing guidelines. This includes:
  • Blanking pages.
  • Offensive images or information.
  • Spamming.
  • Malware.

Punishment at the discretion of a single Moderator:

  • 1 week ban with warning note on the user's Discussion page and on the Moderation noticeboard.
  • Further rule-breaking - permanent ban.


Please report any below offense on the Moderation noticeboard:

Offense Notes
Edit warring Editing wars occurs when editors who disagree about the content of a page repeatedly override each other's contributions. Editors engaged in a dispute should reach consensus or pursue dispute resolution rather than edit war.
Mass undoing Mass-undoing is the process of reverting edits from a single user on more than 5 articles at a time. Permission should be sought on the Moderation noticeboard from a Staff member before proceeding with the changes.
Not following editing guidelines Users should aim to follow Editing guide as closely as possible. Moderators should assume good faith, as a user may simply not be aware of the common practices of PCGamingWiki. Repeatedly ignoring instructions or refusing to follow our editing guidelines is prohibited. This includes:
  • Piracy.
  • False information.
  • Irrelevant information.
Trolling *Trolling.
Sockpuppeting Sockpuppetry (see sockpuppetry) is the misuse of multiple PCGW Accounts. PCGW users are expected to maintain a single PCGW account and only to use that account. It is improper to use multiple accounts to evade bans, disrupt discussions, distort consensus, avoid sanctions or violate our rules.
Meatpuppeting Meatpuppetry (see meatpuppetry) is recruiting the assistance of other individuals off-PCGW (outside of PCGamingWiki's Wiki, Forum or Discord) and this is considered another form of sockpuppetry.
Politics No political discussion. Our community is made up of people from all around the world, however, we are united in one goal: to fix PC games. Discussing politics will only cause division which has no place in this community focused on PC gaming.
The wiki may cover games which are inherently political in nature, but we are merely listing them for the sake of documentation - their existence on the site does not reflect a stance on any beliefs contained in the games. If you want to talk about politics, please do so outside of PCGamingWiki's platforms.[Note 1]
Registering with an inappropriate or offensive username This will result in an account name change.
Harassing users Harassment and hate will never be tolerated - behavior that is meant to incite hate towards others or harassment of others, whether on-site or off-site, will lead to an immediate and permanent ban.
Hateful language Hateful language in casual use or targeted at specific groups/people, even on personal pages or outside of the wiki, will not be tolerated, including language that is sexist, transphobic or homophobic. This also includes slurs, insults or threats.

During a dispute, involved users may be temporarily banned from between 2-24 hours by a single Moderator until a verdict can be reached. This is not necessarily punishment but is designed to prevent wiki articles degrading.

Punishment will first be discussed by at least two Moderators in the #moderators private Discord channel. Public discussions and appeals can take place on #moderation-noticeboard channel. All Moderator actions will be logged on the Moderation noticeboard.

Punishments are as follows:

  • Warning on the user's Discussion page, citing specific rules broken where possible.
  • Further rule-breaking - 24 hour ban.
  • Continued rule-breaking - 1 week ban.
  • Persistent rule-breaking - permanent ban.


  • If you would like to appeal a ruling, please message Andytizer directly, preferably via Discord.
  • Our rules are not perfect but need to be followed, however if you disagree with a rule and think it should be changed, please visit the #policy channel on Discord to raise the issue there, or message Andytizer directly.


  1. We will forbid the discussion of political topics including (but not limited to): real-life politics, current political events, elections, conspiracy theories, etc.