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Staff roles are split into three tiers in this order: Senior Editors, Moderators and Developers. These roles have access to specific Discord channels, Wiki and Community site permissions. Multiple users may have 'administrator privileges' either on Discord, the Wiki or the Community site, however, they should not use these powers unless it is part of their role unless otherwise specified.


  • Public people-facing role that for those who are good at conflict resolution.
  • Enforce the Editing guide, Code of conduct.
  • Handle and de-escalate disputes (see Code of conduct) and deliver punishments.
  • Be involved in policy discussions and rule changes for the benefit of PCGamingWiki.


  • Role for users with advanced technical skills for templating or building back-end features on the Wiki.
  • Primary focus is upkeep, growth, mass-editing and big-picture wiki changes.

Senior Editor

  • Role for very active content contributors to PCGamingWiki, either on the Wiki or the Community site.
  • Access to the shared GOG account.
  • Ability to approve new Files.
  • Privileged access to the #staff-lounge channel on Discord.

General staff requirements

  • Display professional behaviour - no swearing and no political views expressed on the Wiki.
  • Act professionally when mentioning PCGamingWiki when active in other websites/communities.
  • Discord - must be signed in and check regularly.
  • Must follow the Code of conduct.


  • Staff are expected to be active at least once every four weeks.
  • If staff are inactive without notice for more than 6 months, then staff privileges may be revoked.


Application process:

  • If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Senior Editor, Moderator or Developer please get in touch with Andytizer via Discord.


  • Have you made consistent positive contributions over the last 6 months?
    • We will look at a user's editing history and make a judgement about quantity and quality, e.g. having at least 100 high quality article edits.
    • Users could be fast-tracked if they have completed several Assignments to a high level of quality.
  • Do you have an active editing history that is in good standing? For example, no written warnings in the last 6 months.
  • Can you get at least one member of Staff (e.g. any Senior Editor, Moderator or Developer) to provide a recommendation?

The default 'track' is for a high quality PCGamingWiki user to be promoted to the Senior Editor role once they have demonstrated good quality consistent editing over a period of 3 months. After this, they may apply for the role of Moderator or Developer with administrator privileges on the website.


In order to contact us about a general site issue, please leave a message on Discord or on the Development forum.

Issue with a game?

Please do not private message staff members about issues you are having running a game, you should leave a message on the Support forum.